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Girl and Society

“Heyyy girl…
You should not talk louder,
You should not play like a kid,
You should not get angriness,
You should not have the childish behavior,
You should not do this, that,
You should not talk against an elder,
You should not work after marriage,
You should not cal elders with their names” – These many nots

“You should leave your home after marriage,
You should give dowry to get married,
You should leave your dreams behind for your family,
You should be patient always” – Do’s

Wonderful isnt it???

What are all these stupid rules the society is following here.
Y is this always acts favorable to guys?
Y this society is not allowing the girls to follow their dreams?
Y shud they give a huge dowry to sacrifice their own family in the name of marriage?
Y this idiotic society is not ready to accept a girls growth?

This was the underlying relationship between a girl and her society.
I dunno when this is gonna change and the girl can feel her true independence in this highly democratic country India….

Dreaming about that great day thinking it wil become real someday !!



Sometimes feeling much happy, sometimes getting sad.

Somedays Feeling Energetic, brisk,active,
Somedays getting bored, lazy.

Someone stays closer and longer,
Someone leaves u in amid.

Somethings are maintained secretly while,
Somethings are wide open to all.

Somewhere people are born rich while,
Somewhere people fights for their survival.

Somenights are sleepless while,
Somenights are worth a good dream.

Is this a life?
Some meaning it should have.
Searching for that some……