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It’s the one word,  which no one is ready to go through but yet life throws it often. We all crave for love..To be in love and to be loved by the other person is the greatest thing one can have in life.

Love – its the most beautiful thing that connects every human being. But to some people it gives the worst kinda pain when lost. 

When people fall in love, the entire world looks different in a beautiful way to them. It really needs so much courage to express one’s feelings to other person .. Not everyone could do that. But at the same time the person who is ready to express should be ready to accept rejections as well. 

Rejection could give you the worst nightmare at times. Just be bold enough to accept anything that comes your way. Coz no one can predict what may happen next. Also, it’s better to get a clear rejection than a fake promise.. 

Even though rejections are worst, people should not think of it and remain unexpressed because what if the other person is also having the same feelings for you.  So, just don’t get scared of rejection when you wanna express love. 

Its your life, a short one as well, so do whatever makes it a happier one.. If you love someone, just go and express it without the fear of rejection.. Even if you are rejected by them, simply believe that you are being redirected to something better in your life 🙂 

So always remember that ‘Its not “rejection”, it’s just a “redirection”  in your life path.’

Go ahead and express your love to your loved one 🙂 


A Reunion!!

Its a small poem written about the reunion that happens between the heart and mind after a break up.

To read it, please do click on the below link.

Its just a new try from my side, your suggestions are most welcome 🙂